How to invite friends to Inbox by Gmail!

Inbox by Gmail has gathered a lot of attention, and for good reason. I am a lucky person to have it, and it is a great tool, clearing my inbox within minutes, along with adding all sorts of new functions. Well Google is not being shy about adding people, as now anyone with Inbox can invite up to 3 people!


How to invite friends to Inbox

Inbox announced on Friday on Twitter that those with Inbox can invite friends. In order to do this, open your Inbox app, tap Speed Dial (the red “+” in the bottom right corner) and you should see a golden ticket. Next, shout “I’ve got a golden ticket!” and dance like a oompa loompa. Oh, wait, that won’t help. Just tap the golden ticket, and then type whoever you want to invite in the text box at the top, and then tap “Invite”! Then, enjoy the glory as your friends shout your name in praise.


Google has a lot going for it this month, between the announcement of Lollipop last week (has it only been a week?), the newest set of Nexus devices, and now a game changer from the service that changed email 10 years ago. What else could Google have in store?


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