LG Twin Wash. Two washing machines in one! (CES 2015)

There are not only the "black" devices of consumer electronics, which appeared in CES 2015, but also a few unique home appliances which gain the public with their specs. Just like LG Twin Wash, the washing machine of the Korean company which allows you to do two different washes ... simultaneously!


By combining a classic washing machine with a front door, with a second smaller washing machine in its base which slides out, you can wash more quickly than ever before clothes and you never put together in the same program without disastrous results. As LG noted, the second smaller washing machine can be purchased separately and to be added in every washing machine of the company with a frond door.

We do not know details for the price and the availability of Twin Wash, but we believe that it would be useful in many homes, don't you think?

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