God Of War Ascension: greek mythology strikes again

Greek mythology usually has god relations with the world of videogames, and in the case of God Of War the best, as the games of the series have received top reviews, justly too. The fourth part of this series will be called Ascension, will be a prequel to the trilogy, and will of course remain a PS3 exclusive. Its release is set for spring 2013.

The first trailer that Sony posted, shows a review of the story, not with in-game graphics, but rather with artistic animation, much like in the Street Fighter 4 intro. Players will follow Kratos during the first steps of his “career”, before he became the Ghost of Sparta. Even though it’s not confirmed, the narrator’s voice in the trailer sounds like Linda Hunt, who played Gaia on the third part (and Hetty on NCIS L.A.).

Source : Sony

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