Multiplayer for the upcoming God Of War Ascension on the PS3

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, God Of War will finally break through the bonds of solitude. Until now, you could only enjoy the game in single-player mode, but Sony announced that the upcoming Ascension will change this. The title will feature a multiplayer option, though we don’t know how many such modes it will include. One of those however, will be called team execution, in which two player teams will battle for control of specific areas.

For instance, when two teams fight amongst them, the winning one earns the right to free a cyclops and then fight him. The two teams will be Spartans and Trojans. By swearing faith to Zeus, Hades, Poseidon or Ares, you gain a respective role as a warrior. When you play in multipleyer mode, you win new weapons and abilities, which remain available for the next time you are going to play.

Source : GameSpot

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