Microsoft prepares Kinect compatible Internet Explorer for the Xbox360

It has been six and a half years since the Xbox360 was released, and it still has not been graced with a web browser. According to TheVerge however, Microsoft prepares to finally take the big step. Specifically, the company customizes Internet Explorer 9 not only for integration into the Xbox360 dashboard, but also to offer Kinect compatibility. Use with Kinect will not be a must, but the browser will be optimized for the motion sensor.

The Xbox360 already offers the option of voice searching through Bing, but the results are limited. Internet Explorer for the popular gaming console will offer unrestricted access to the entire world wide web, and support not only for voice commands, but for hand gestures as well. It’s worth mentioning that at this time, both the PS3 and the Wii, as well as the PSP, the Vita and the 3DS, integrate web browsers. More info may be revealed in E3.

Source : TheVerge

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