Underworld Awakening: BluRay… straight up!

We like the Underworld franchise. We say this without fear. We especially like the BluRay extras, where you can take a slower look at the leather body tights worn by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale.

Before we go any farther off track, we will say that yes, it is one of the movies that can chart an even better second course in home cinema, with bloody and scary lycans, shedding blood and frighten everyone, and Selene meeting her daughter who “turns blue” when getting mad, and has no good intentions. Special effects are in the front line and some times leave you in awe, for real, with the fourth film in the series betting on terror and CGI “bites” more than the previous ones.

The videogame aesthetics is necessary, the story goes beyond fantasy and reason, characters are barely allowed to stand out. But the damned high resolution picture “cages” your attention and won’t let it go.

Extras (Blu-ray): Highly detailed picture-in-picture analysis, bloopers, action featurettes, making of the “mega” lycan, etc.

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