The toughest camera endurance test you have ever seen (video)

Owners of Pentax DSLR cameras are really proud of it. It is fairly considered an excellent DSLR camera that can take a lot of abuse and is one of the favorites for all who take field trips.

But just how much of an abuse can a Pentax take? Judging by what American soldier Alex Jensen’s video shows, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, a lot. Watch him dip two cameras, along with their lenses, in the sand, a K-5 and a K-7, and then... showers them. Twice. And they kept going!

It’s amazing, especially if we’re talking about not so expensive DSLR models, as you can buy either, their bodies anyway, without lenses, for prices lower than 1000 euros.

Be advised, this video contains explicit material. That’s because if you have some DSLR at home, kids will definitely want to try it!

Source : DIYPhotography

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