Xbox “720”: yes to BluRay, no to used games

The closer we get to the development of new generation gaming consoles, the faster the rumor mill turns. The latest reports by anonymous gaming market executives concern the next Xbox, nicknamed Xbox 720 (360x2).

It is said that Microsoft’s new console will get rid of the simple DVD drive in order to finally integrate a BluRay drive. Games like Mass Effect 2 and LA Noire, that require two or more DVD-ROM discs on the Xbox 360, had taken advantage of the BluRay’s larger capacity on the Playstation 3, requiring only one disc, each.

Other reports talked about a system that will block the use of used games, without however revealing any technical details about how exactly this would be done.

If the above weren’t enough, it’s possible that the new Xbox will be released along with Kinect 2, which Microsoft intends to equip with enriched and improved motion sensing capabilities.

Want some more? Major Nelson’s coworkers may design a less sizeable controller for the new console. The existing gamepad for the Xbox 360 is obviously smaller than the “monster” that came with the first Xbox. However, it’s still larger than the exquisitely ergonomic Sony’s DualShock for the PS2 and the PS3.

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