The Sting: gangsters shine again on BluRay

One of the movies that marked Universal’s 100 years was no other than The Sting, the 1973 film that won 7 Academy awards (all three major ones for best movie, direction and story), which graphically illustrated the era of alcohol prohibition and gangsters.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford shine in this high-def revision of the film, where both play the roles of Chicago hustlers who want to exact revenge on the ruthless gang leader who killed their friend, and has the city under his thumb with the help of corrupt officials. The plan they lay out is amazing in its conception and will forever be a part of cinema history...

George Roy Hill brought that era before our eyes, got the best possible out of the starring duo (for the second time since Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in ’69), and added the melody of Scott Joplin in the right places (revised by Marvin Hamlisch, maintaining their ragtime charm). With David S. Ward’s excellent scenario -who was originally intended as film director!- offering the best basis for the duo to express themselves, The Sting exudes the same cinematic grandeur just like back then...

Extras (BluRay): 100 years of Universal: The 70’s, restoring the classics, and an hour-long fulfilling feature about the film, so you can learn everything.

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