Hugo: magical film, enjoyable BluRay

Steven Spielberg himself must feel envy for that movie. His “childish” mind must have been twisting, turning and feeling bitter resentment because Brian Selznick’s fantastic novel titled “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”, on which “huge” Martin Scorsese’s film was based on, did not land in his hands. He fulfilled his goal of filming a movie he could actually show his 12-year old granddaughter, who has not had the chance to enjoy any of the films he made (what would he show her, “Taxi Driver”?!). He made a “contemporary” Dickens story about a child who wanted to find home. He filmed the perfect cinema story, where a “beaten up” grown man will find his motive again, through a child’s enthusiasm.

Scorcese’s first 3D film talked about his love of cinema, by featuring George Melies, through the story of a child whose fate led him to live in the labyrinthian Paris railway station, and fix its clocks. He learned this art by his drunken uncle who took custody of him when his father died. He loved films by Melies, the creator who lost his glamour when World War I started, fell out of grace and ended up selling toys at the same railway station. Their meeting will mean a lot to both of them, with revelations and answers to many questions.

Exquisitely directed (five Academy awards in art categories), with sentiments that would make Steven dip his nails to his seat out of envy, this film looks nothing like anything Scorcese has made, proving that the thickhead and the vain refuse to continue learning things. With 1931 Paris looking like it’s waiting for you over the corner, the film talks about the power of cinema, where dreams come true. And God knows how many of those has Scorcese come true...

Extras (BluRay): Making of, a really interesting George Melies feature, commentary on special effects and especially on the impressive train scene, and the outrageous presence of Sacha Baron Cohen who says how he got the part of the evil station master, how he won’t take advice from any director less than 1.80 tall, and other incredible stuff!

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