Wanderlust: Jennifer Aniston, Judd Apatow and the... hippies!

Judd Apatow signs under the production, so you can understand what this means... Either you keep reading like nothing happened, or you are already making a typical cinephile face, which means this is below you. Nevertheless it’s summertime and if we don’t see Jennifer Aniston in her sexiest now, when would we do this?

The couple that is Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, in the movie directed by David Wain and is now released for your own home entertainment by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, play the parts of a couple from Manhattan, who have been suddenly struck by unemployment and decide to follow alternative life choices. While on their way to Atlanta, a stop at the picturesque Elysium Bed and Breakfast will be an original experience for both. A rural community? Free rules in relationships?

It all sounds perfect, and adding Apatow’s eccentricity somewhere in there, yuppies become hippies and that’s the start of comedic, unusual... discord by known director / storywriter / producer, etc. Of course, the couple’s first impressions are quite different from the “harsh” reality, so the couple will soon come across many unfortunate surprises.

So, yuppies become hippies, the more charming than even Aniston is sweet and funny, her sweetheart Justin Theroux (Seth) takes good care of her, there are a lot moments of fun, the cast probably salvages the story and not the other way around. It actually is enough of a comedy to have fun without having to look for any goodies that remained from Elysium Bed and Breakfast...

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