BioLite CampStove: recharge your smartphone with the help of... fire

This is a “green” product, ideal for those who love gadgets, as well as outdoor activities. Its function as a stove will probably not entice you -what with the temperatures we have now in our country- but you will appreciate that it can recharge your devices anywhere!

The BioLite CampStove can convert fire heat into electricity, in order to recharge your gadgets via USB. Now, you can go camping and at the same time have your mobile phone full of energy, so that you can read your emails or communicate with your friends.

This innovative gadget is made out of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic, while it can burn firewood, pine cones and other kinds of... biomass, in order to get the required energy to recharge your devices. It needs 4.5 minutes to boil a litre of water, while it has a power output of 3.4 KW to 5.5 KW.

You can find it here, in case you find the idea of it interesting, and enjoy it in the following video.

Source : 9to5mac

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