Is this the new Xbox?!

Eurogamer published the latest rumors about the next Xbox, and the truth is that what we read was highly intriguing! In a forum for game developers, a Durango (the codename of the Xbox 720, Xbox 8, or whatever the replacement of the Xbox 360 will be called) development kit supposedly appeared, which actually was available for sale (the ad was since removed promptly) at the “lowly” price of 10.000 dollars. In fact, after a detailed research by Eurogamer, the posted photos seem to be real, which means that the kit actually exists, and so what went around months ago -talking about the console indeed named Durango- was true.

As for the console’s tech specs, hold on to your seat because you’ll be left speechless! Rumors say that Durango will feature a 64bit CPU and support DirectX11. Microsoft tries to stuff into the console’s chassis an eight-core (!) CPU, while as far as RAM is concerned, opinions differ, as some talk about 8GB and others about 12GB! The CPU will possibly come from Intel and the GPU from Nvidia, which if confirmed, will be a u-turn by Microsoft, who preferred products by AMD and ATI for the Xbox 360.

Is all of this true, or someone had time to spare this weekend and decided to stir up the internet? Whatever happens, one thing is certain: there will be much to talk about in 2013...

Source : Eurogamer

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