Chuck Norris warns you. Vote for Obama? 1000 years of darkness await you!

The american elections get closer, and of course Hollywood splits into two sides once more. We already saw Clint Eastwood acting a dialogue with an empty chair, implying that he was talking with the “empty” personality and politics of Barack Obama. The republicans were highly shocked, as this “play” did not exactly touch the hearts of Americans.

Adding names like George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, Jay-Z, Blake Lively and many, many others openly supporting to the current president, things get tougher on the glamourous side of voters for republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Of course, this is because it was not yet time for the big guy to speak. The one and only. The man who has a silver goldfish, who headlocked the headless horseman, who made healthy food sick.

Chuck Norris, a republican supporter for years, judged the time had come to send his own message to the American people, and tell them outright that if Obama is elected again, then there would be a very real danger that the country plunges into 1000 years of darkness! And you know what can happen if you ignore the word of Chuck Norris.

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