LG’s 84-inch TV to be released in a month in the USA for 20.000 dollars. Go get it...

We gawked at it in IFA, we dreamt about it, and now the time has come to make it our own. Well, not us, but you. Or anyone who has 20.000 dollars (nearly 14.000 euros) anyway, required to buy it, if and when it gets in the fatherland (via order only).

As for its tech specs, we would remind you that it features a 4K-resolution panel, or if you prefer, 3840x2160 pixels. It also supports a revolutionary audio technology, which thanks to the 2.2 speakers offers three-dimensional sound to supplement the 3D video technology.

It launches next month in America and Korea, and somewhere near late October in Greece, if the local distributor finally OKs it, of course. Until then, you can gawk at the photos...

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