Is the camera on Lumia 920 any good?

After Nokia’s marketing department did that blooper, the question for smartphone enthusiasts remains: is the camera on Lumia 920 really that good? The new Finnish flagship has not been released yet. We don’t even have a release date yet. In countries like the USA though, there are prototype devices, and those lucky enough to work there, have the opportunity to get their hands on one and run comparison tests.

So did the people at The Verge. They went to the same place in Central Park, New York, where Nokia’s team went, to take the same shot Nokia did on their blog, with the same Lumia 920 device (that is, the same prototype phone). They took the same shot with all major devices out there right now. The Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, the iPhone 4S, as well as other milestone devices for Nokia: The 808 and the Lumia 900.

You can see the test results in the comparative high-resolution photos below. The conclusion we drew, even though we’re not talking about a finalized phone yet in the case of the Lumia 920, is the the camera on the device is much better than the fate the company’s marketing department had in store for it. It’s not a DSLR, but no one expected it to be. It is however an exceptional camera. We suspect it will be much better when the finalized version is released.

Samsung Galaxy S III (night mode)

iPhone 4S

Nokia 808

Nokia Lumia 900


Nokia Lumia 920

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