A photo of the iPhone 5 leaks by way of its expensive case. Something tells us it’s the real deal.

We don’t know if you’ve heard of Gresso, but we have talked about it many times previously. This was because of their too expensive mobile phones. For your information, their headquarters is based in Switzerland, so you can figure out for yourselves how reliable it is or not.

To the point then, and to keep it short, the photos you see came to us via a newsletter. It was because of a case that costs 3.000 dollars, or if you prefer, 2.350 euros.

In fact, the press release mentions that only 999 units will be produced, and that it’s the first metal bumper case of its kind. We are essentially talking about a jewel intended for the new iPhone, before it’s even announced on the 12th. It’s pointless to examine if it’s worth it, let alone if it would sell at all. The point is that in the photo background you can see the iPhone, which is probably the real deal.

It’s thinner, has a black bezel, and as you can see for yourselves, it’s longer than the model it’s about to succeed. So, it matches any descriptions that have leaked over time by 100%. Until it’s announced however, you can only gawk at that photo.

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