New movies: The Watch, Step Up Revolution, Paranorman, Bachelorette, Polisse

The Watch
Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade are bored out of their minds and form a patrol team under the pretense that their neighborhood is in danger. It’s all good up to the point they discover that aliens have landed at their neighborhood, with not so friendly intentions. So, the foursome has to take action and be the heroes. Easier said than done.

Step Up Revolution 3D
The musical dance movie of the year is coming to digital 3D format. Have you ever seen a protest by dancing? Well, it’s time to Step Up to the Revolution. A daughter of a rich businessman, along with her boyfriend and his dance group, MOB, will try to stop daddy’s plans to buy out the historical MOB neighborhood and tear it down. My daughter... the dancer!

A 3D animated movie by Laika studio, who had given us the wonderful Coraline. A little boy, 11 year-old Norman, who communicates with the great beyond, and specifically with the dead, is considered by his family and townfolk a freak. But when the time comes to stop the curse of an evil witch who threatens to wake the dead, then everyone will think different of him.

They saw the success of Bridesmaids and thought they’d copy it. Isla Fisher, Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan star as three bridesmaid friends who will kind of wreck a wedding, ruining dresses, crashing the groom’s bachelor party, and generally causing chaos. It has not received the best of ratings so far.

This movie won a special award in the 64th Cannes Film Festival, and it’s a french production that describes the daily lives of police officers working for the minors protection unit. Arresting paedophiles, underage pickpockets, and interrogating violent parents happens on a daily basis, with the film trying to create a realistic atmosphere in the precinct, as well as the lives of officers when off duty, back home.

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