Earpods: Apple’s new earphones

Apple’s imposing white earphones also appear significantly redesigned, after a really long time. Its name is Earpods and it is better than ever.

Apple promises significantly improved sound, a more natural fit, and higher endurance, mentioning that its quality is equal to that of high-end models. They have now traded the large speaker grid which was present in Apple’s previous models, for two smaller ones that make it easier for sound to reach the eardrum.

Additionally, it features a microphone and a remote control unit to adjust the volume of sound and voice calls. Its new design also provides increased protection from sweat and water, which will satisfy sports fans who don it.

They can be found in the packages of the new iPhone 5 and iPod Nano, and will also be available as a stand-alone accessory sold for 29 dollars.

Source : The Verge

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