The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is near. Info on cost and availability is just around the corner.

To some, this is the best mobile phone in the world. Not necessarily because of its design or material quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which we have already talked about, is not just another smartphones. Objectively, it’s the best phablet presented so far, which in fact is about to be released. Samsung Greece may remain silent for now, but abroad, the first devices will be available on the 28th. That is, in two weeks from now.

In fact, Clove and Handtec report that those interested can decide on the color to choose from day one, while the price, at least according to current exchange rates, should be nearly 660 euros. As for the fatherland, it’s estimated to cost 10 additional euros, that is 670 euros, as much as the Galaxy S3. You shouldn’t expected it earlier than October 15th in our country, though. And we say this cautiously.

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