Whoops! Deutsche Telekom in Germany lets you preorder the iPhone 5 via a “hot” line.

It’s not April Fool. It’s just that Deutsche Telekom, Apple’s partner in Germany, made a... little mistake. On the vouchers the company handed out to their customers, in order to guarantee for them the ability to preorder the device, as well as in the SMS sent to them later on, with the phone number they could call to place preorders, this number had one extra digit. As a result, subscribers contacted a service for hot... really hot dates!

A DT representative told the Die Welt newspaper that “we really regret what happened and have already apologised to our customers”. Indeed, when the company took whiff of this error, they sent a second SMS with an excuse and the right number, which all who wanted to preorder the device, could call.

If you are still concerned though, we should let you know that Deutsche Telekom customers were not charged for calling this hot line. Even if they did have phone sex.

Sources : The Next Web, The Local, Die Welt

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