LIFX: a lamp you control with your smartphone

A Kickstarter project that is well on its tracks. It’s named LIFX and it’s a lamp (yes, you read right) you can control from your Android or iOS device.

This product got the funding it aimed for (100.000 dollars) in record-time, and has right now gathered over 445.000 (from more than 3.000 backers), while it’s worth mentioning that the lamp itself costs 69 dollars.

With the help of your smartphone, it enables you to change its intensity and color, while you can also set it to light on or off at specific times (like when you are home), create impressive lighting effects for house parties, even notify you about updates on Twitter and Facebook.

What’s best is that you don’t have to change your wiring in order to implement the incredible features of this lamp.

It seems this product has a long way to go before market availability (estimates talk about March 2013). In any case though, it’s a highly interesting gadget, one of those we would all like in our lives.

Source : TechCrunch

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