Will the first Mozilla phone come from ZTE?

It’s been quite some time that rumors have been going around about a Mozilla phone, as well discussions about the need of manufacturers to detach from Android and adopt another operating system that will differentiate each in the market. Rumors posted by the Wall Street Journal have it that chinese ZTE plans to launch its first devices featuring an operating system they have designed along with Mozilla.

According to this information, the chinese bet is to present alternative products, besides ones featuring Android and Windows Phone. This sounds like a pretty good prospect, especially coming from the 4th most popular manufacturer in the world. The big question though, remains about content and applications.

Because good as it may be, it’s not just about adopting a new operating system. What’s important to users, is to enjoy a good user experience that will cover their needs in a better way than what the other operating systems have to offer. This was a bet that Windows Phone could not win until now, before Windows Phone 8. Will Mozilla pull this off? We shall see...

Sources : WSJ, Gizmodo

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