Nokia shuts down their offices in Greece

Information talking lately about Nokia shutting down their local offices in Greece, are now confirmed.

One more manufacturer, with a leading position in the Greek market for decades, chose to collectively shut down their offices in several countries until the year’s end, as a part of restructuring. In Europe, only select offices in major countries remain operational, and the new structure plans for two regions only, Western Europe and Central-Eastern Europe.

The official announcement does not connect the financial crisis and the sales chart to the finnish company’s shrinking assets in Europe, but simply claims they want to create a more flexible enterprise.

It’s known of course, that manufacturers are now more interested in the american market, where more opportunities have presented themselves, mainly due to expanding LTE networks, that feed a new cycle of investments and value added services.

The 12 employees in the company’s local offices are soon expected to be offered jobs in other countries, while it’s still unclear what kind of distribution model will be adopted. Mobile operators however, will keep getting devices through deals with manufacturer headquarters.

Source : Infocom

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