LovePalz: technology that “connects” us (literally)

Kickstarter may have turned them down, but LovePalz creators insist on making their special gadgets known to the world. What is it though?

We’re talking about an interactive pleasure device, that enables couples to simulate the process of making love, anywhere they are (each separately) in the world.

Each of the two companions can have their own version of the gadgets, depending on their gender. “Hera” for the ladies and “Zeus” for the gentlemen.

To commence the act, the two companions have to place the gadget on their... sexual zones, and then connect the two devices to the LovePalz iPhone app, which by the way is still pending approval in order to be available through the App Store.

After achieving connection, the process begins. One device imitates the movement of one organ, and the other device reproduces this movement in real time. And you can probably guess what’s coming next.

LovePalz is available for 95 dollars a pair, for those who think of its concept as interesting (that’s 2424 people so far), while each device comes with the user’s name and serial number engraved. OK, then!

Source : Ubergizmo via Design Taxi

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