Steve Ballmer teases us with his surface tablet

If you needed a reason to hate Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, you should have been at the RocketSpace startup presentation, in San Francisco, USA, when he got on stage and showed off the Surface he uses, with a fuchsia Touch Cover.

And just when Wired journalists thought that after the presentation of Windows 8 devices by Ballmer, they could test them hands-on, they thought wrong. The Surface remained in Microsoft CEO’s bag.

During the presentation though, RocketSpace founder, Duncan Logan, asked about the tablet that will launch on October 26th midnight, along with the Windows 8 operating system. “I’m not going to ask you on the price, but how many can I get for 1500 dollars?” he asked, and Ballmer replied “some”.

While it is a device that will be released imminently, no one journalist has managed to get it hands-on, or at least have something more than the official presentation by the company. Likewise, during the discussion Ballmer had about this issue, he mentioned that prices will be announced just a while before the product is released.

So, the Surface is becoming something of a... “precious”, that we’ll get short looks at, like above, until it is released.

Source : Wired

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