iOS 6 users complain about WiFi and connectivity

In the Apple support forum, users who updated their devices to the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 6.0, complain that after updating, they could not connect to WiFi access points. Specifically, WiFi connections, cannot be authorized.

As they mention, they tried to reboot, reset and restore their devices, but none of these actions seemed to work. The only “unlucky” ones among those who had this problem, and managed to find a solution, were those who visited an Apple Store and asked a Genius for help. So, the people at the Genius bar replaced those devices. Which means that Apple is well aware of this problem.

There are also reports of people who can activate WiFi but cannot connect to a network, or the connection is dropped after a while. The thread in Apple’s forum is huge and keeps growing.

Do any of you who downloaded iOS 6 on your devices face this kind of problem?

Source : The Verge, Apple Insider, Cult of Mac

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