Want to see cyber-attacks throughout the world in real time?

We never believed that malware going around the world, attacking networks and computers, could be so beautiful. Not to mention cyber-attacks in general. Indeed, members of the HoneyNet Project, made a map of the globe that depicts attacks by malicious software (or malicious users), at the moments when they occur. You can see it, here.

The system collects information from “honeypots”, which is “traps” set to record, repel, or face attacks on networks throughout the world. Several users volunteer to set these “traps” all over the world, and some of them publish honeypot data to depict various attacks in real time.

If you decide to spend a few minutes of your time to watch this activity, you will see that red spots are attack targets, while yellow spots are honeypots that share data in the depiction map. In the bottom part of the screen you can see the origin and target of attacks in real time.

Can anyone say they are looking at all attacks taking place all over the world this very moment? Of course not, as not all honeypots publish gathered data. Still, this is an amazing depiction, unless you notice at some point that you are actually a target.

Source : H0neyMap via BetaBeat via Gizmodo

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