Remote data deletion is not a problem just for Samsung

A few days ago we wrote about a security breach in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, allowing the company’s devices, like the Galaxy S3, to remotely factory-reset, without user intervention.

The good news is that the Koreans have issued an update dealing with the problem. The bad news however, is that, according to well-known geek Dylan Reeve, this is not limited to Samsung’s devices.

It’s a vulnerability that apparently can affect many Android smartphones out there, with Reeve having personally confirmed this fact on an HTC One X (with HTC Sense 4.0) and Android 4.0.3) and a Motorola Defy (with Cyanogen Mod 7 on Android 2.3.5). There are also other reports that Sony’s Xperia Active and Arc S, as well as the HTC Desire, are also affected, though we imagine this is not limited to those devices.

Dylan Reeve has in fact made a website, where you can check if your Android device is vulnerable to remote control from hackers, which you can access at

But what can you do to keep such problems away from your smartphones? Reeve says the problem is exclusively dependant on the phone’s dialer, so he suggests you install a different dialer, which you can find by browsing available apps in Google Play.

Additionally, what you should do is always install the latest patches on your Android devices, as companies notice such problems and often issue updates. And of course you should not click on just any links you are sent on emails (though this is something you already know from computer experience). As in any case, so in this one, if you are careful, your smartphone will always be in peak condition.

Source : TNW

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