Motorheadphones are now commercially available

We saw them for the first time in this summer’s IFA and... heard it all! Motorheadphones are the reincarnation of Motorhead as headphones, as genuine representatives of the band’s culture, as well as the quality their name guarantees. A. Kyriakou, a Krussell dealer in Greece and Cyprus, announced the commercial distribution of this series, and also offering a preview of which models it will include.

With a rock attitude and a distinguished finish, Motorheadphones adopt inside parts of velvet, so they won’t burden your ears, even after many hours of continuous use. They support 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm stereo interfaces, thus providing more connectivity options. The series includes the Motorizer, Iron Fist, Bomber, Overkill and Trigger models, with the last two belonging in the category of in-ear headphones. The series also includes three phone cases that add an equally rock attitude to your smartphone.

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