Flashback: when Playboy girls “embraced” the internet for the first time

A trip back through time. Early in the 1990s decade. The first steps of the world wide web. When the largest part of the global population did not know the meaning of the word “connected”.

Playboy girls and their “leader”, Hugh Hefner, decided to tenderly “embrace” new technology, as they saw that there lied the future of their work. And in case of all things Playboy, Hefner made a video that was a major production for its time. It was a video trying to show that “bunnies” accepted the digital age.

What is interesting to us about this video, is the trip back through time, for the user interfaces implemented by the “hot” internet services back then. Simple graphics, low bandwidth, tasteless colors and (now) annoying sounds.

But it’s also the hardware that accompanied these “hotties”, that can now be only a source of laughter. Huge (bulky) monitors, keyboards that clicked like old typewriters, and laptops that looked like bricks, if somewhat wider.

Enjoy this video responsibly. And for safety reasons, you had better not watch it on a public computer. History lessons are fine, but there is no reason to embarrass yourselves.

Source : Everything Is Terrible

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