A child becoming a man. 21 years of life through a timelapse video.

It takes a lot of discipline for a parent to start photographing their child from day one, and every day since, until it’s 21 years old. This is what Cory McLeod’s parents did, and he made a timelapse video with 7500 of his own photos.

His parents, like clockwork, took a picture of their kid’s face every day. In the following video, you can see stills transitioning very fast before your eyes, though they lack uniformity. How could they, since they compose 21 years of life. The few days of the son, missing from the parents’ photographic archive, have been substituted with sketches of him.

Watch this baby growing up to be a man. Keep your distance from the monitor, though. You will see 7500 photos passing before your eyes with a speed that may annoy you. 21 years within almost 6.5 minutes is no small feat, right?


Source : Laughing Squid

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