New DJ headphones by AKG, inspired by Tiesto

After presenting the headphone series, signed by internationally acclaimed producer Quincy Jones, AKG presents a new series of headphones, featuring world-famous DJ Tiesto. With over 1.500.000 followers on Twitter and 12.800.000 fans on Facebook, Tiesto is one of the DJs with the biggest influence on people.

This new series consists of 3 models of dynamic closed-type headphones, with a 3D folding system for easy transfer, 32-ohm high composite resistance and a long cable. The smallest headphones of the K67 series is on-ear type, while the other two are circum-aural.

This series of headphones covers applications like home recording, project studio, live sound, stage and studio. Frequency response is 12Hz-25Khz for the series flagship, the K267, with 112 dΒspl and a maximum power output at 3500 mw, while the little one, the K67, has a response of 18Ηz-22Khz and respectively, sensitivity of 116 dΒspl and 500 mw of maximum power output.

Source : Bon Studio

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