What happens when you shoot a gun underwater?

Andrew Tuohy is a former US naval doctor who spent almost one year of his life in Iraq. Now, it seems he enjoys a little too much time taking it easy. He has not stopped however getting busy with “challenges” on his personal blog (, as well as with gun testing on his Youtube channel.

He recently filmed something really impressive. Using a waterproof digital camera, specifically a Pentax WG-2, which can record high-speed videos, he managed to capture the effect of shooting a gun underwater.

This video is really interesting, and we can see exactly how the bullet moves underwater, which as you can see, does not run a long distance.

Andrew clarifies though, that the underwater pressure is so intense, that he felt like getting punched on the chest, while noting that it’s really dangerous for someone to keep his head or ears underwater during a test like this. He mentions though, that during testing, the gun came out totally unscathed.

You can watch the video, but you should not try it, as it is clearly a dangerous process, anyway.

Source : Twisted Sifter

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