Mozilla’s Firefox Metro browser for Windows 8 is ready

With an announcement on their blog, Mozilla published a preview version of their Firefox browser, suited to Windows 8 and their metro interface.

Firefox Metro will support both the metro user interface, as well as the classic desktop, since it has been designed tor x86 Windows 8 systems.

According to the company blog, the new Firefox Metro version features a new metro-styled startup page for Firefox, support for Firefox Sync, touch-enabled interface, as well as gesture recognition, while it also has a simple though beautiful and modern designed browser interface.

Mozilla mentions that people who use the RTM version of Windows 8, can now download Firefox Metro through this link.

Of course, just like all premature versions, it has several bugs, but the positive thing is that it keeps getting updates, in order to offer a complete and trouble-free user experience, when Windows 8 is released.

Source : BGR

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