James Bond: a 50 year-old hero

Allow us a subjective point of view. We have loved two specific things about James Bond. His classy dress-up, even when this involved some unbelievably tasteless hawaiian shirts, and his gadgets. Those wonderful gadgets that Q made, looked like they could be real, even though most defied a dozen of physics laws.

Her majesty’s spy turned 50 years old, since he first appeared on cinema, and we found one of the best videos on Kuriositas, which can show you all you really want to know about him.

Its creator and editor, Nick Bosworth, starts with an interview of Ian Flemming, the man who made up the iconic hero. He goes on, of course, with all the actors who played the part of the man who dominated the fantasies of both genders, some wonderfully, others not so much. It’s not only them, though. The “bad guys” in the movies also parade through this video. Besides, who would James Bond be, if he didn’t have the worst enemies ever? Enjoy.

Source : Kuriositas

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