Save the date: Windows Phone 8 launch event on October 29th

Microsoft started sending out invitations to press media in the USA, for the event they organize in San Francisco. This is an event for the launch of Windows Phone 8. The invitation you see above writes about 10:00 (20:00 GMT+2). What should we expect at this event though?

Surely, Microsoft will refresh our memories about Windows Phone 8 devices by Nokia (Lumia 920 and 820), HTC (8X and 8S) and Samsung (ATIV S). They will definitely announce a release date for the new operating system, which is (allegedly) expected to be the day after that, meaning October 30th.

We also expect that secrets about the new operating system will be revealed, that remained hidden to the last moment. Secrets that hindered many developers from getting their hands on all the things they needed, in order to optimize their applications for the new operating system. So, we are waiting for the big news from Microsoft, as well as getting our hands on major Windows Phone 8 devices.

Source : The Verge

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