If you own an LG Optimus 2X or an Optimus Black, click here. We have news about the update to ICS.

Don’t bother to look for this news in a press release or LG’s official website. The information is legitimate though, and comes from a 100% reliable source.

The LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black will be updated to ICS until early December. Obviously, besides Android version 4.0 they will also feature the Korean front-end interface, available through all their new mobile products. Yes, it’s too long to wait, but it’s nice to know what you have to wait for.


  • rajesh
    15 October 2012 at 22:04

    Hi ,
    I am from india …if you can communicate to the source again then i have some important issues here which were found in android 2.3 for Optimus black…there are three issue…two mp3 player issues and one smartshare crash issue..when i reported this issue here in HQ they said cannot solve and gave me two options..
    1)take L7..i did not take it because p970 specs much better than L7
    2)take full refund and leave LG..

    I took a downgrade to 2.2 android from HQ and decided to stay ….if you can communicate to that reliable source again…please tell me your email id and i will pass you the mail chain of my problem and communication with local HQ and you can forward it to LG..or give me the source email id….

  • cerealkiller
    12 October 2012 at 04:14

    Apparently your source was garbage cause ICS released last night for the O2x and its been released for a while for the OB in korea. Hell, you can go to the korean site and download the updates or use the PC app to update it right now. Don’t bother to look on LG’s website? Give me a break.

    So much for your “legitimate” information though. At least do a little fact checking before just posting anything.