Not only do mice sing, they also learn new “tunes”

A recent study conducted by the Duke University, proves that mice have advanced skills in singing, like the ability to change the tone of their “tunes”.

Scientists discovered an rudimentary motor control center inside their brain, that works in combination with their vocal chords, allowing them to control the tone of their voice, by “singing”.

Like people, so some mice are tenors, while others are barytones. Using this knowledge, scientists placed several mice in a cage. After several weeks, they noticed that the tone of some mice had changed, in order to match the tone of other mice in there with them.

So, tenor-mice developed a deeper sound, while barytones developed a higher one. This way, we could say that mice can learn new sounds (of variable tones), which complements the previous conclusion that male mice turn into little “Pavarottis” only when sexually attracted to females.

It’s a funny fact that this kind of connection between the brain and vocal chords, is not apparent chimps and apes. If however, this assumption is proven correct, this information could be used to lead to more effective studies of speech impediments on people.

Source : Slashgear & LiveScience

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