Meet the renewed eBay

The popular web site has been presented as a redesigned version that has new features, like the ability to display favorite user objects in a personalized feed.

The way items are displayed in the feed, with large images, hints to Pinterest, the social network that has our attention lately.

Also, eBay improved its search function, while it also includes larger photos and more information about products on each page.

As for your personal profiles, they are now more social, allowing you to share your preferences with other eBay users.

Additionally, eBay has launched a new application, named “eBay Now”, that offers same-day delivery services, and for now will be available only in San Francisco.

eBay president Devin Wenig, mentions that the new website design is cleaner, with a modern look and feel. Changes though, seem to match the new eBay logo that the popular website now dons.

The new features of the website will be available in the USA within the next few weeks, and the rest of the world, within the next few months.

You can get a taste of what the new design looks like, here.

Source : CNET

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