Facebook went offline for many users all over the world

There has been a lot of unrest in the last few hours, as many users from all over the world, and especially Europe, had no access to Facebook. When they tried to access the homepage, the above popped up.

The reasons for access problems experienced by users are not yet known, though one person took responsibility. It’s Anonymous Own3r, an ambiguous member of the internet collective who had claimed responsibility a few weeks ago for attacks on all GoDaddy websites.

Anonymous Own3r claimed responsibility via a tweet.

We are in no position to confirm if one man has the ability to attack multiple Facebook servers and land a blow significant enough to cause access problems throughout the world, even though we are tech-savvy enough to believe this is not possible. However, the same man pointed out several vulnerabilities on the social network’s system, a few hours ago, which he posted here.

According to users on Twitter though, the social network was still accessible on so if you have trouble accessing your account, try this address instead.

At the same time though, many were those who commented on Twitter that if the problem persisted for several more hours, it would probably be enough to improve the birth rate in Europe.

The Next Web and Tech Crunch report the problem of access many users had, mostly in Europe, in connection to Anonymous Own3r. Facebook has still not responded about the reasons that led to this inability to access. The website though, seems to gradually come back for most. We’ll let you know if there is any official response by Facebook.

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