The chronicle of a crime they knew was coming in Fukushima

March 11th 2011. Japan suffered an outrageously major earthquake and experienced two tragic incidents. A tsunami and the consequent leak from the nuclear factory in Fukushima.

The factory disaster has proven to be much more painful for the country and its people in the long term. Today, a document was leaked, in which TEPCO (that managed the facility), admits taking frightfully unfortunate decisions that led to this criminal disaster.

So, what exactly does TEPCO admit? The company had conducted a study on the factory’s safety in case a tsunami hit, to determine the factory’s readiness level. They admit though, that if the results of this study went public, Japanese authorities would close down the factory immediately, in order to make the necessary improvements for the safety of the facility.

They were also afraid that a possible decision to adopt strict safety measures in case of extreme accidents, would cause “public anxiety and add momentum to anti-nuclear movements”.

Meaning? The fear of disturbing profitability, as well as... politics, led to the forced moving of 100 thousand people and one environmental disaster that is not fully quantified yet.

Sources : AFP, The Verge, Eco News, TEPCO

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