Facebook has a “dislike” feature but you can’t use it

It’s way too often that we ask for the option to say that we don’t like something on Facebook. Even more people want this every day, but the social network has announced they are never going to integrate a “dislike” option. Even so, Facebook has a “dislike” button, but it’s hidden.

It’s called Push Kharma, it’s an evaluation system, and it’s integrated into the profiles of all Facebook engineers. Chuck Rossi, a former employee at VMware and Google, has the ability to see pieces of code shared by each engineer in his group, and if he doesn’t like it, press “dislike” on this engineer’s profile.

Rossi told Businessweek:

“Every developer is born with four stars to their name. If we have an issue when we take someone’s code -and it blows us out of the water- then it takes them down half a star and I write what happened. The system has a thumbs-down indicator, a feature many Facebook users have long sought. I am the only guy who has a’ dislike’ button on Facebook. A lot of people want one, but this is the only place you will see it.”

So, if you really want a “dislike” button, you can try joining Rossi’s developer group. Alternatively, (for comfort) you can type [[iidislyk]] in your personal messages and chats on Facebook. Just to let some steam out.

Source : The Next Web, Businessweek

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