Feeling disappointed by Resident Evil 6? Drown your sorrow in this song...

I’d like to believe you have played at least one game of the Resident Evil series, or at least know what this popular franchise is, if anything, from the movies with “explosive” Milla Jovovich. Besides the so called “spin-offs”, that is the secondary games in the series, Resident Evil fans claim that the last two basic games (5 and 6) have deviated too far from the “core gameplay”, which is survival horror, and got too much action.

Personally, this does not bother me at all, since I liked Resident Evil 5 and 6 a lot, but what can one say... So, these hardcore fans now have their own song to tell of their pain. It’s not folk, or even blues, but rather humorous, written by Miracle Of Sound, who are in the business of producing videogame-related songs. So, watch the video clip, which is indeed funny, whether you agree with them or not!

Source : GameSpot (Facebook)

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