Dolphins in the service of the ukrainian navy

It may sound weird, but indeed, the ukrainian navy implements methods from the former Soviet Union, training dolphins for military purposes. Some in fact, report even more extreme case scenarios, where dolphins even learn how to use weapons.

These exercises are carried out in a swimming facility, in Sebastopol, where according to information, dolphins learn, among other things, to attack hostile targets, using special blades or even guns attached to their heads.

The use of dolphins for military purposes is nothing new anyway. Even though, despite the rumors from time to time, nobody has officially admitted that dolphins are trained to kill with the use of guns or spears. So, it’s noted that training is mostly about locating mines as well as hostile targets, without however attacking those.

The training center in Sebastopol, where such methods seem to be in effect once again, exists since the time of the Soviet Union, but is now at the hands of the Ukrainians. It is known that similar training programs are used by the US navy, at a base in San Diego. Americans however, also deny that this kind of training turn dolphins in killer soldiers.

Source : Wired

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