Eat more fruit and vegetables to be happier

Researchers from the university of Warwich studied the nutritional habits of 80.000 people in England. They came to the conclusion that their emotional health was better as they consumed more servings of fruit and vegetables each day. So, it seems that people who consumed seven servings, were at the apex of emotional health.

This research was conducted along with Dartmouth college in America, and will be published in the Social Indicators Research magazine.

In most western countries experts suggest 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day to protect from cancer and safeguard cardiovascular health. In England however, after the study’s results came in, it was concluded that one fourth of the population eats only one serving of fruit and vegetables each day.

As for the ideal quantity, proven to be seven servings, it seems to be consumed by only 1/10 of the population. Note that this research does not discriminate between specific kinds of fruit and vegetables, setting each serving at 80 gr.

So, it seems that proper nutrition protects our physical health, as well as the emotional one. Did you ever think differently?

Source : Science Daily

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