How long does it take to find your car if you forgot where you parked it?

A man from South Germany found the car he had lost, after two whole years!

A wild drinking night out was enough for a man to lose his car, who went out looking for it the day after his hangover, but could not locate it. So, he reported the incident to the Munich police, but the car had not been found.

Two years had passed before authorities found it by luck, after an investigation by a policeman who determined the “inspection stickers” on the car had expired.

The best part is that the car was located only 4 (!) kilometers from the place its owner thought had parked it. In the trunk were tools worth of 40.000 euros, like hoes and electric screwdrivers.

So, all’s well that ended well for this man, who will definitely think twice before driving his car while intoxicated again, even though material loss is the less to consider in such cases. In any case, he should have a “don’t drink and drive” sticker on his windshield from now on.

Source : Huffington Post

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