We have the prices for the iPhone 5 in Greece. Make haste. It starts at 739 euros.

We won’t bother with the same old song. You know that already. That the iPhone 5 is the most well-built smartphone on the planet. Just like that its operating system is for dummies. Not that this is a bad thing. It works flawlessly always and anywhere. Just like board games, it’s suitable for age groups from 9 to 99 years old.

To keep this short, Multirama stores announced the iPhone 5 prices in Greece, and the news spread faster than the one about when Papandreou signed the memorandum two years ago. The shock is of the same caliber.

Tip: before you read on, grab a chair, just to be safe.

iPhone 5 - 16 GB : 739 ευρώ

iPhone 5 - 32 GB : 859 ευρώ

iPhone 5 - 64 GB : 979 ευρώ

Pay attention. The top version costs 979 euros. You may even get some change.

Did you think we were joking? Well, we were not.

Multirama took that page down for some reason. The screenshot however, remains.

Source : Multirama

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