An english court acquitted Samsung and forced Apple to a public apology on their website

According to a court’s ruling in the United Kingdom, recently confirmed by the appellate, Apple definitely lost a battle in the war against Samsung, as they could not prove the Korean company’s Galaxy Tab infringes on any patents of the iPad.

This ruling applies to all of Europe, and the worst is that Apple has been forced to a public apology about this matter, both on their website as well as select newspapers. In fact, according to the court’s instructions, this has to be done in Arial font, of no smaller than 14 points.

However, regardless of the font size of the apology, this was definitely a PR defeat for Cupertino. On our part, we are tired of lawsuits and we think it’s time that this fighting business stopped, so we can only focus on each company’s products, don’t you agree?

Source : Gizmodo

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