It’s worth watching this. Duracell gives a second life to your batteries.

You have to see it, to believe it. That there is usually still energy in the batteries you dispose of. Did you know that some of them there is even charge of up to 67%? Says not we, but Duracell.

In fact, in order to prove this, they hired a British designer by the name of Dave Cranmer, to transform their brand’s trademark bunny into a work of art, which is powered by 197 seemingly discharged batteries.

The amazing following video shows the way this was made. To build it, they used 45 retired electronic devices, 147 meters of metal rods, 458 meters of cabling and 700 LED lights. What you see is actually a huge bunny that weighs 56 kg. It’s a first-rate proof that technology can walk hand in hand with art.

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